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At least it is here in these Northeastern United States. You may recall from previous adventures that this home is fuckin' full of arachnids. Do not fear, there will be no photos in this post. I am cutting it ANYWAY. )

So...yeah. I have used up all my tolerance. I have nearly dropped two writers from my reading circle over uncut spider photos. I am back to alternately Staring at everything in an obnoxiously hypervigilant fashion or carefully not looking at Anything, because I think if I find another fucking spider Where There Must Not Be A Fucking Spider I will lose my last shit, punch everyone, kick all the tables over, set shit on fire, grab my rum and move to the gods-fucking-damned Moon, where I will drink rum and give Earth the fucking finger for the next decade, until some grizzled old Earthling Commander informs me that I have to come back and destroy a gang of evil terrorist spiders because apparently I am the only one who draws them out.

Fuck you, spiders.
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More bad news, so I'm indulging in wine and escapism via fic.

Stone & Fen/pre-Z-Corp (reboot 'verse): "Davy Meets The DisOrganization Pt 1" - Stone, Adavidarian, various members of The DisOrganisation. [community profile] origfic_bingo prompt: Adventures. 544 wds. Gen.

Context: It is 1979 and Stone had previously agreed to do a job for Mark because he's bored and misses his old life (just not enough to go back to it), teenage pre-Z-Corp Adavidarian (Davy) wants to know what they're doing but his big brother has already said he's not to be involved and Stone likes living, despite all evidence to the contrary. Davy is determined to pry it out of him regardless and has, as literally nobody is shocked to discover, resorted to becoming annoyingly stalkery about it because adolescent faery humanoid dragon-boys are not known for their social skills even when they don't happen to be the legendary Aggirach.

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Am alternating back and forth between the [community profile] origfic_bingo card and the [community profile] ladiesbingo card. Hopefully there's not too much evidence of the ongoing battle with words and lack of experience with these particular characters.

Stone & Fen/Indirect Force: "The Investigator" - Lindy Hop, Soloni, mentions of Luce. [community profile] ladiesbingo prompt: Early Morning. 1903 wds. Flashback fic of reboot character. Completely Gen.

Summary/Context: Aliases are a complex matter for sidhe. Back in 1971, Indagatrix (Investigator) Lindy Hop has a chat with Soloni right before leaving Faerie for a historic UC mission involving a long-term stay in an industrialized city in the human world in order to track a particularly persistent and frustrating rumor of a sidhe unsub involved with Organized Crime (think federal levels of deep undercover work, but at the International Space Station, if the ISS was a city. Or the Mars, for that matter.). Soloni previously appeared in Random Exercises Featuring The Indirect Use of Force: The Lady Liar. When she not playing the grifter in a faery Leverage team, she is a high-ranking operative of the Sgathan, the Rian's shadowy, mirror-wielding left hand.


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Goodbye Cassini

Sep. 15th, 2017 09:41 am[personal profile] klgaffney
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Cassini has completed its mission at Saturn. As predicted, the spacecraft lost contact with Earth at 4:55 a.m. PDT (7:55 a.m. EDT).

Cassini was launched back in '97 (I was in college); it was the first spacecraft to enter Saturn's orbit back in 2004 (We'd moved back to Jersey from Sacramento and Mousie started school).

Back in April, Cassini provided one of my new favorite space images--Earth as a bright little dot between Saturn's rings.

There was one taken in July that they processed as a natural color image and it is spectacular (and if I can locate one without the annoying intrusive "we are here" arrow it will be my new desktop).

There are certainly more spectacular, rare and dramatic finds in Cassini's photo gallery, but that's what struck me on a particularly rough day, and the images lingered in my imagination after.

Cassini lacked the power to return, and there were concerns of it crashing into and contaminating either one or more of Saturn's moons (which might possibly have conditions that could support life) and/or damaging Saturn's delicate ring system, so the safest and most reasonable solution was to let the craft burn up in Saturn's atmosphere. So long Cassini, and thanks for all the pics.

[edit: The original sans arrow is in the photo journal, but it's not a good format for desktop, unfortunately. It might work for my Nook tho.]
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Beware, I've got 2 bingo cards and I know how to use them. Responses will take any form that I feel like giving, whether it's visual or writing or worldbuilding or something else.


Stone & Fen: "Lèse-majesté" - Stone, Fen, Slit, The DisOrganization. [community profile] origfic_bingo prompt: Beauty.

1647 words of Stone being as real as he'll likely ever get re: his appearance and choices relating thereof--at least where he was mentally when he first went punk (okay most of the words are about that; there are tangents because Stone).

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Stashing this here because there's a few I've read and enjoyed, and a few whose writers I've read and enjoyed (Lauren Beukes, for example) but not those books specifically, and it's a good mix of the original 90's stuff and very recent stuff, and cyberpunk is a thing I like but don't always think to search out on purpose.


resources and context and memory and spin. )

There's a lot there to examine and re-examine. There's a whole world there, and it's funny thinking of it as being my city still when at this point of my life I've been out of it many, many more years than in. but in the case of a riot, i'll still look for the white boy waving the black flag before the one in the uniform. What I'm finding out is that the books are just confirming the things that I'd forgotten; the things getting glossed over, the things being ignored: the names, the faces, the dates, and the details. I already knew the reasons why.


I also snagged some boards from fic_bingo and ladiesbingo which seemed like a good idea at the time but now i'm staring at blankly. Hopefully they'll come in handy when fleshing out bits of the stuff I already have.

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